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Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



Company NewsHigh-end specialty food ingredients solution provider

Mr.Rubbi Audit Factory for Products of Lactate Series

Yesterday, Mr.Rubbi was invited to audit factory for our products of lactate series. In the Morning, two interpreters and factory driver picked Mr.Rubbi up and went to Huaiyang factory together. Having a rest for a while, Mr.Rubbi checked our documents of our finished products and raw materials. Discussing with our managers and technician, Mr.Rubbi asked some questions for product list. After we gave him answer, all we went to visit our warehouse of finished products(like calcium lactate, lactic acid powder, sodium lactate, calcium lactate gluconate...) and raw materials(like lactic acid, calcium lactate, potassium hydroxide...) 
And then with our production workers, Mr.Rubbi and us looked at the production process and machines of lactic acid powder along the aisle. This audit factory was considered to be successful and we drived to send Mr.Rubbi to another company. Thanks for his coming and warmth...

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