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Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



Company NewsHigh-end specialty food ingredients solution provider

Prospective Cooperation of Food Ingredients Thailand

 In few days, our marketing manager is back from Bangkok with prospective customers. It shows that we have a great success in Thailand during Sep 12-17th. Many clients come from local industries while others are over developed and developing countries.


Honghui Bio is good at to produce products of calcium lactate gluconate and other gluconate series, lactate series. These professional and star products meet the special needs, food grade or pharm grade, of international customers.

And if you want to order or learn more about our products for calcium gluconate and others, please keep in mind that you can contact us by telephone or phone.

Honghui Bio is looking forward for you participating and joining.

We can provide you with more service,please contact us!


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